I am a lucky duckling

Woo! Logged into http://cheezburger.com this morning and discovered a new button next to the favorite one! It was titled “Add to my Site” and I was like, “What’s this?”

Well after a little research, I managed to create my own “site” on the Cheezburger network and with a bit more reading discovered that this feature is in VERY early beta and I was chosen to be one of the super-elite account owners that actually gets to test this feature! SWEET!!!!

It’s still in the testing stages, so the look and feel is still a little meh and posting to it is a little bit of a hassle, but I’m totally excited to see that it works! Hopefully they’ll be making it bigger and better in the coming days/weeks.

But for now, you can see what I’ve got going at Samakhulis’s Burger Barn. Yay!!




I'm so feeling like a poptart today.

And I never even ate one before!!! Like ever.

Hello world!

Why in the WORLD do I want to say hello to the world? Oh never mind.